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WAVIoT plug-and-play wireless technology – optimized for wide-area and reliability even in remote environments – eliminates the headaches of traditional remote monitoring: point to point wireless radios, satellite links, VPNs, servers, storage, and software. Whatever your business sector, you will benefit from the best in class connectivity with the guaranty to get the lowest price and consumption offer.

Smart Parking System

Intelligent car parking solution with smart sensor system based on IoT occupancy sensors allows to find free parking space quickly and get additions benefits. More

Street Lighting Control

LPWAN allows to keep full control of street lighting, switch on and off remotely, watch lighting parameters in real-time for better safety and maintenance. More

Air Quality Monitoring

NB-Fi enables wide-area IoT solution for monitoring air quality in an urban environment. Air sensors data aggregates with long-range LPWAN gateways. More

Industrial Monitoring

NB-Fi can be used in industrial Internet of Things applications: sensor monitoring, remote conveyor system control and shutting down in a cost-effective manner. More

Oil and Gas

Machine to machine (M2M) communication, driven by LPWAN, has huge potential for gaining popularity across oil and gas companies oilfields digitizing. More

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