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WAVIoT Base Station SDR-Transceiver 2000

  • $399.00

    WVT SDR-2000 transceiver converts radio waves to and from digital data, being a flexible and highly configurable multi-protocol physical layer module. SDR-2000 can be installed directly next to the antenna, thus minimizing signal loss in the coaxial feed line.

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Product Description

SDR transceiver for Base Station BS210B is a flexible and highly configurable device capable of receiving and transmitting on a vast variety of ISM band radio protocols (WAVIoT NB-Fi, LoRa, UNB SigFox). Software defined nature of the transceiver allows it to simultaneously digitize and process multiple packets, efficiently utilizing the whole available spectrum.

The device is enclosed in IP67 water- and dust-proof container and can be mounted close to the antenna to minimize RF signal loss.

A number of analog and digital band filters and high-quality low-noise amplifiers ensure great sensitivity, very low internal noise level, high immunity to possible interference from cell towers and other telecommunication equipment. The digitized data is streamed to the gateway via Ethernet which allows installing the gateway in a distance up to 100 meters from the transceiver if necessary.

The supply power is delivered over PoE along with data lines, so only one Cat5 cable is required to connect the transceiver.


Weight 350 g
Dimensions 100 x 100 x 20 mm
Protection rating


Digital interface

100BASE-TX Ethernet (RJ-45 socket)

Analog interface

50Ω matched line (N-type female connector)

Internal noise level

-156 dBm

Digitized band

866 – 871 MHz

ADC resolution

12 bit

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